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Commercial department

Hovercraft Mars-2000

Hovercraft Mars-2000

The Mars-2000 air cushion craft can be used to transport passengers and goods throughout the year, including during off-season periods.

SVP Mars-2000

The boat can move on snow-covered and ground surfaces without limiting its carrying capacity at ambient temperatures from -25 ° to + 40 ° С, along rivers during freezing and ice drifting.


На воде – 60 км/ч;
На снегу/льду – до 50км/ч;
На траве/песке – 50 км/ч;

Вместимость 20 человек


Длина – 13,03 м;
Ширина – 4,96 м;
Высота – 4,08 м;

Гарантия 2 года

Цена и доставка

Стоимость судна на воздушной подушке СВП Марс 2000, а так же варианты доставки вы можете узнать у менеджера коммерческого отдела по телефону: +7  (910) 135-33-75



Overall length, m 13,03
Overall width, m 4,96
Overall height with the mast, m 4,08
Metal hull width, m 3,60
Full displacement, kg 5910
Light displacement, kg 3850
Crew, persons 2
Passenger capacity, passengers Up to 20
Engine Two diesel engines IVECO F1C
Power, h.p. 2х197
Operation speed, km/h 50
Max speed on water, km/h Not less than 60
Travel range, km 500
Height of the overcome vertical ledge, m 0,4
Hull material aluminium alloy
Superstructure material (in passenger version) fiberglass
Class of the boat EO 1,5/0,4 ACV