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Hovercraft Mars 10 at the scientific and industrial forum “Great Rivers”

The international scientific and industrial forum “Great Rivers” opened at the Nizhny Novgorod fair on Tuesday, the press service of the government of the region reports.

Встреча “на ногах” с послом Республики Мальта Пьер Клайв Аджус

Кратко: провели встречу "на ногах" с послом Республики Мальта Пьер Клайв Аджус. Были представлены проекты судов, обсудили потребность в обновлении флота. Посол проявил живой интерес к проектам АО ФЛОТ.

Big test drive

Since December 21, 2018, the tests of the new hovercraft “Mars-10” are in full swing. Every day a test batch consisting of an experienced captain, mechanic and chief designer tests a new vessel.

Give off the moorings

We are preparing to launch the MARS-10 with a 146 hp Iveco diesel engine. The boat is passing a cycle of mooring tests – work with a change of modes from 2 to 3.5 thousand…

The first went.

Tests have shown high amphibious and high-speed qualities of the boat. With the IVECO F1C diesel engine with a power of 146 hp the boat in full to freight gathered speed to 95 km/h

“Workhorse” repair

The hovercraft of the MARS-700 SVP700 project was issued till 2013 to this day these boats stand on service Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, Border and Rescue service