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To buy the passenger boat Orion

The boat “Orion” – the shallow-draft water-jet passenger boat. The navigation area – internal water basins (lakes, reservoirs and the rivers, including, non-navigable) category “O” with height of wave no more than 1.2 m, operation during daylight hours. The boat is under construction under the supervision of the Russian River Register.

Critical parameters of the boat Orion


Full load – 25 km/h;

Without passengers – 30 km/h;

Capacity is 27 people


  • Length – 12,8 m;
  • Width – 3,2 m;
  • Height – 3,3 m;

Guarantee 2 years

Price and delivery

The cost of the boat “Yamal”, and also you can learn delivery options from phone number: +7 (910) 135-33-75 manager of the sales department

Finishing of the boat distinguishes it from domestic analogs compliance to the international standards of design, quality of finishing materials and qualification of performers.

Color scale and type of finishing materials is coordinated with the customer.

Primer and coloring of case designs of the boat is produced by import materials of HEMPEL which provide reliable protection of designs and good appearance. The scheme of coloring is agreed with the customer.

The boat is the modern small vessel and is equipped with all navigation aids, rescue, habitability and comfort for passengers and crew.

Hull – steel with the commixed system of set.

The superstructure, roof of the cabin and false board are made of fibreglass.

Framework of glazing of the cabin, partition and shield of superstructure – from aluminum alloy of 1561.

Seating of passengers and crew on the boat is carried out in the case and superstructure from the 3rd on 27shp.

The running cabin – spacious and high compartment with the convenient location of the driver and glazing of the circular review. Besides, in it are located:

  • bathroom with toilet, sink and shower elevator (entrance to bathroom – from cockpit);
  • driver’s chair.


6 berths;

Water-cannon 102.201.000;

Power is 330 hp.;

Dimensions for transportation on the trailer;;

Smooth start;

Guarantee 2 years;

The engine – diesel YaMZ-7511;

Course range without refueling up to 560 km;

Service program;

High maintainability;

Capacity of fuel tanks, 1080 l;

To buy the boat

access to the engine room is provided via the hatch in half of the running cabin.

In nose from the cabin the double cabin is located. In cabin case for clothes, two single beds are established.

Nasal interior – the spacious light room with nasal and side glazing, with sofa, with table with telescopic support. The partition with movable door separates nasal interior from average.

The average interior has the angular sofa transformed to double bed, folding table for lunches and other purposes. The interior is equipped with table curbstone for the teleequipment and also there is built-in refrigerator.

Cockpit – open part of the boat in stern is equipped with 2 boxes for seating of accumulators, the mooring ends and the special equipment. In fodder part there is door in false board and folding ladder in water.

Sale of boats of own production

We can change characteristics of the boat depending on requirements of the customer. We deliver boats to the customer in any point of Russia and the world. We carry out delivery of our products convenient mode automobile or by rail.

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Now production capacities provi

Photos of the boat

СВП в отличном состоянии с тест-драйва

Катер с тест-драйва,  пробег 4000 км.
по цене 4 500 000 рублей